Published articles

This menu branch contains articles published in English concerning MicroStation v8 programming. Main interest lies  in interoperability in programming languages used in MicroStation. I tried to bring up to light something new, unusual or modern at the time of writing articles. Each article contain PDF version and free source code - you  may download it and use it as you like.

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Published Articles:



SUMBERA, S., 2003: Using VC++.NET. Control Alt Delete, PenBrush Australia, III/Q 2003, pp. 30-33


SUMBERA, S., 2003: Evoluce vývoje software v prostředí MicroStation. Sborník konference Tvorba Softwaru 2003, Ostrava 28-30.5.2003. pp.189-194.


SUMBERA, S., 2003: Setting up Visual Studio 6 IDE for MDL programming. Control Alt Delete, PenBrush Australia, I/Q 2003, pp. 22-25



SUMBERA, S., 2002:  Developing raster management with Oracle 9i and MicroStation v8. Control Alt Delete, PenBrush Australia, IIIQ 2002, pp. 18-21


SUMBERA, S., 2002 : .NET & VBA interoperability in MicroStation v8. Control Alt Delete, PenBrush Australia, IIQ 2002, pp. 36-40


SUMBERA, S., 2002 : Writing MFC-based  dialogs for MicroStation v8.  MicroStation Manager, Bentley USA, vol.12. no.1, pp. 36-37



SUMBERA, S., 2001 : Java/JMDL communication with MDL applications. MicroStation Manager, Bentley USA, vol.11. no.12, pp. 30-34